Cassidy Retsu

The mechanic


2-nd level specialist
XP: 0
Homeworld: Shin-Osaka


Str: 7
Dex: 14
Con: 7
Int: 16
Wis: 11
Cha: 12

Combat Traits
AC 7
Hit Points: 5
System Strain: 8
Attack Bonus: 0
Phys Save: 17 (con)
Mental Save: 15
Evasion Save: 11 (dex)
Tech Save: 10 (int)
Luck Save: 14

Laser Pistol / Total Attack Bonus: +2 (0 Attack Bonus, +0 skill, +1 for Energy Weapon, +1 Dexterity) / Damage 1d6 + 1 ( +1 Dexterity) / Range 100/300 / Mag 10

Background package: Bio-tech crew
Class Package: Engineer (Switch Profession/Engineer with Security,, Switched Exo Suit to Navigation switched 1 tech/any to combat/energy weapons)


Athletics 0
Combat/Energy Weapon 0
Computer 0
Culture/Spacer 0
Culture/Shin-Osaka 1
Exo-Suit 0
Navigation 1
Security 1
Science 1
Stealth 0
Perception 0
Tech/Astronautics 2
Tech/Medical 1

If in a small group, add Adventurer package for:

Athletics 0
Security 0 (making it +1)

Unspent Skill Points:

Languages: English, Japanese

Credits: 135

Equipment Readied:

Laser Pistol (200 credits, 1 encumbrance)
Metatool (200 credits, 1 encumbrance)
Backpack (5 credits, 1 encumbrance)

Equipment Stowed:

Medkit (100 credits, 2 encumbrance)
Holo Unit (50 credits, 1 encumbrance)
Six Type A power cells (60 credits, 1 encumbrance)

Equipment Stowed in Ship:

Vacc Suit (100 credits, 2 encumbrance)


My parents tell me that they noticed my knack for mechanics very early. At the age of 4 my father caught me picking apart our radio, and putting back together again. Right as he was about to scold me, explaining the importance of machines, and that they help us, he noticed that I was putting it together correctly. After that he began teaching me mechanics.

At the age of 12 I was working in my fathers shop, when he was away. Sometimes I broke into his locker, and stole his jacket, a yellow jacket with the name “Cid, The Mechanic” on the back of it. So all the people who worked there started calling me Cid, when my father wasn’t around, and Cass otherwise, so as to not confuse people, as my father was called Cid, short for Cedric I’na Dawn. I often practised at my mothers hospital as well. Though, I often ended up repairing machines for them, as the person in charge of repairing was very old and slow.

My parents were very busy people as they were part of the council… Or well, I never knew my mother to be, as she left the council to focus on me and her practise when I was born. But I’ve been told that my mother was one of the youngest to have been chosen as the Medical consult Minister, and my father the youngest Mechanical consult Minister. Later I was old that Kira Takeda, the grand-son of the then head of the Takeda family, went to school with them, and told his grandfather to put them on the council, as they would be useful. The grandfather was so impressed by his grandson, both in this instance, and otherwise, that he appointed young Kira, aged 21 at the time, his successor. Making his children very unhappy. The grandfather attempted to defend his decision, but Kira had already cut through their arguments, and proved why he was the correct choice. The three of them become a powerhouse. Unohana Retsu the medical genius, Cedric “Cid” I’na Dawn the mechanical master mind and Kira Takeda the “young master born with a silver tongue.” Was what people called them.

Due to my parents position, and because I was a Retsu, I was taught Japanese from a very young age. Instead of the Japanese that my friends knew, I was taught a very strict and “noble” form of Japanese, apparently. I was also taught to play an instrument, even though I never liked it. It was good finger coordination practise, though!

Thanks to this relationship, we often visited Kira. And as long as my parents was with me, he treated me like I was his niece. When we were alone, he completely ignored me. Clearly, my very existence bothered him.

When I turned 15 my father began teaching me about weapons, and how to use them. I was very uncomfortable at this notion, partly because I felt like I lived in such a peaceful place, but also because my father seemed… Weird. He was not his calm and collected self, he was… Worried, scared even. He also tried teaching me to pilot a ship, but as much as I sucked at aiming a weapon, I was even worse at flying! Which did make my father laugh and smile, which had become rare.

My 16th birthday is a day I rarely try to remember. But, it started well with, my then boyfriend, Akira breaking up with me, having forgotten that it was my birthday. My father had missed it, due to being off on a urgent mission for Kira. Kira was there, and one of his suited bodyguards whispered in his ear. And he pulled me and mother aside, telling us that an accident had occurred, and whether my father was alive or not was unknown. My mother tried to calm me down, saying that it was probably fine, that he would comeback anyday, but it was not very effective, given the tears running down her cheeks. Kira promised to help in anyway he could. My fathers death was confirmed some days later.

My friends in the workshop told me that I should have his jacket. And without thinking about it, everyone started referring to me as Cid. To be honest, I hated it. I never told them, as I think it helped them to think that Cid was still around, even if I was shorter and a girl. Things normalized quickly, too quickly I think. I was working in the shop, my mother was working at the hospital. We didn’t have worry about money, but I think both of us simply dealt with things better when we worked. I am similar to my mother in that sense, while my father could go off and sit in a blank room to think, me and my mum just started working on something.

Four years passed, when one of the suited people I recognised from Kira’s staff entered the shop, and asked if we could speak in private. He told me Kira wanted to speak to me, and that I should clean up proper for the meeting, as it would be official. So I did. I rarely get to were them, but I do think dresses look very cute.

He told me of a “business” proposal. He wanted to send me off world, to work as the mechanic on a star ship. He knew exactly what buttons to push… He knew I had been reading the stories, he knew I wanted this. I ultimately turned him down, because I just didn’t trust him. People at the shop had heard a rumour that he killed my father… Not by his own hands of course, but he gave the order. Some of my co-workers knew the true face of Takeda, the criminal overlords. We started gathering evidence. I told me my mother, and she said that she knew what he was, but that he had nothing to do with my fathers death. I believed that she believed that… The three of them were friends since many years ago.

It was difficult to keep quiet… For two years, we stealthily gathered the evidence we needed. When what felt like an army of suits entered the shop. Only three army strong, but still, it felt like an army. Yet again, I was summoned to the Takeda mansion. He gave me the same business proposal. I refused. I still remember the look in his eyes, it went from the kind steeled gaze that I had gotten used to, to a much more sinister and hateful gaze. He sighed and got up, and told me how much he could not stand my existence. He told me that he loved my mother, but that thanks to Cid he could never get the one thing he wanted. I still remember the words “It was a difficult choice, he was one of my best friends you know.”… Those words made me do the one thing that I regret doing in my entire life. I took up a knife from the table, and charged at him. One of his goons shot me. I stumbled back. He pulled out a gun, and told me “You have your mothers eyes…”, as he hit me. I woke up sometime later on a freighter that was leaving Shin-Osaka. It took sometime of panicky trying to figure out what had happened… I looked too much like my mother, he just couldn’t kill me. I have the hair of my father, but the face of my mother, people liked telling me. I was wearing rags, I probably looked like a street urchin to most people. But sometime after I woke up, a man approached me. He handed me a satchel, and whispered “A gift from the Owner.” The satchel contained a drive with all the evidence we had gathered, as well as Cid’s old workclothes, fitted for my smaller stature. As well as the universal tool that I made when I was 7, that my father helped me build. My friends in the shop could not stand against Takeda, but they did what that could to help me. I cried as I hugged the satchel… My last memento of Shin-Osaka. Then I vowed… I would return one day, and save my mother from Takeda.

Cassidy Retsu

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