Eric the Sightless Watcher

Ancient alien worshipping viking


1st-level Psychic
XP: 0
Homeworld: Yggdrasil


Str 9
Dex 14
Con 14 (Might switch to wisdom but damn it I need those hitpoints)
Int 14
Wis 8
Cha 8

Background Package: Priest or Noble (to get Primitive weapons)
Class Package: Academy Graduate



Remote Manipulation

Monoblade: Spear 50 credits
Advanced Bow 50 credits


Erik was one of many psychics from the planet Yggdrasil. He knew, like all his clansmen knew, that the so called ‘MES’ was not an illness but a blessing or indeed a remnant of the ones who came before him. That is why on the day his abilities began to manifest themselves in his teenage years he did what all psychics of his people had done since Odin himself. He went to the water, and through the ritual passed down to him, sacrificed his left eye so that he could see what awaited him. The ritual affects everyone differently, some gain knowledge of the time and place of their death while others gain insight and wisdom…others go insane, needing to be put down.

Erik saw….nothing. A void so absolute that words could not begin to describe it. Was it a new Scream? Ragnarok? Since that day Erik have tried to make sense of what he saw then, knowing that he must do something but not knowing what. Many years have passed since then and Erik have come to the conclusion that the answers he seeks are not on Yggdrasil but somewhere among the stars.

Eric the Sightless Watcher

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