Kejal Chattopadhay

Luck-seeking mechanic with divine favor


1st-level Expert
XP: 0
Homeworld: Agni


Str 8
Dex 14
Con 10
Int 14
Wis 12
Cha 14

Combat Traits
AC 8
Hit Points: 6
System Strain: 0
Attack Bonus: 0
Phys Save: 16
Mental Save: 15
Evasion Save: 11 (Dex)
Tech Save: 10 (Int)
Luck Save: 13 (Cha)


Laser Pistol / Total Attack Bonus: +2 (0 Attack Bonus, 0 Skill, +1 for Energy Weapon, +1 Dexterity) / Damage 1d6 + 1 ( +1 Dexterity) / Range 100/300 / Mag 10

Background Package: Technician
Class Package: Explorer
Bonus Adventurer Pack: Culture/Spacer, Tech/Astronautic, Security


Culture/Agni 0
Exosuit 0
Tech/Astronautic 1
Tech/Postech 1
Athletics 0
Combat/Energy Weapons 0
Culture/Spacer 1
Navigation 0
Perception 0
Persuade 0
Vehicle/Land 0
Security 0

Unspent Skill Points: 0

Languages: English, Hindi

Credits: 285

Equipment (Readied):

Laser Pistol (200 credits, 1 encumbrance)
Atmofilter (100 credits, 1 encumbrance)
Backpack (5 credits, 1 encumbrance)

Equipment (Stowed):

Vacc Suit (100 credits, 2 encumbrance)
Six Power Cells (60 credits, 1 encumbrance)

Total Encumbrance: 3 readied, 3 stowed, 6 total


Kejal is a native to the Kirin sector, and deeply religious. She claims her luck comes from a blessing of Krishna, a devotion that came to her after she survived a vehicle explosion at age 12 with only a few minor scars.

Kejal’s home planet Agni is caught in the throes of a civil war due to aggressive proselyting by the Prosperity Doctrine. She participated in the resistance as a mechanic from a young age, but was eventually captured by Gilead forces and shipped off-world to be “re-educated”. She escaped, but the Prosperity Doctrine is hunting her mercilessly and she knows she can’t go back to her homeworld, at least not without more resources.

Kejal’s main nemesis is her would-be husband, Matthew Young, who was promised her hand after her re-education was finished.

Kejal Chattopadhay

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