Setsuna Yamato

Militaristic Pilot from Shin-Osaka


1st level warrior
XP: 0
Homeworld: Shin-Osaka


Str: 10
Dex: 14
Con: 10
Int: 9
Wis: 14
Cha: 11

Combat Traits
AC 8
Hit Points: 9
System Strain: 0
Attack Bonus: 1
Phys Save: 12
Mental Save: 14 (wis)
Evasion Save: 13 (dex)
Tech Save: 16
Luck Save: 13

Laser Rifle / Total Attack Bonus: +4 (1 Attack Bonus, +1 Combat/Energy Weapons, +1 for Energy Weapon, +1 Dexterity) / Damage 1d10 +1 from dex +1 Combat/energy Weapons / Range 300/500 / Mag 20.

Background packages: Gunnery Crew (Switched Computer to Survival)
Class package: Assassin (Switching Culture/Criminal to Vehicle/Land)

Athletics 0
Combat/Gunnery 0
Combat/Energy Weapon 1
Culture/Spacer 0
Culture/Shin-Osaka 0
Security 0
Stealth 0
Survival 0
Tactics 0
Vehicle/Land 0
Vehicle/Air 0

If in a small group, add Adventurer package for:
Combat/Energy Weapon

Languages: English, Japanese

Credits: 121

Equipment Readied:

Laser Rifle (300 credit, encumbrance 1)
Backpack (5 credits, encumbrance 1)
Compad (100 credits, encumbrance *)
Metal Mail (50 credits, encumbrance 2)

Equipment Stowed:

Ammunition, 40 rounds (20 credits, encumbrance 2)
Rope (4 credits, encumbrance 2)
Vacc Suit (100 credits, encumbrance 2)


Son of the military minister Genryusai Yamato, Setsuna was groomed from youth to become a soldier, an officer. He never much cared for it. Genryusai and Unohana Retsu were good friends. Thus, they visited the Retsu estate every so often. Setsuna came to know one Cassidy Retsu. As a five year senior to Cassidy, Setsuna was often charged with babysitting her. Cedric, Cassidy’s father, and Unohana was worried he might have been too young, a mere 8, but Genryusai said that it would good discipline practise for him.

Things went well until Cassidy starting pulling apart a radio, as Setsuna was getting something to drink for her. He panicked, but it worked out well enough. His father was relentless about it, however. Loosing sight of the child for long enough for her to do something like that was unacceptable. Setsuna had heard the stories of other worlds that Cedric had told to his daughter. He dreamed for the life of a spacer. But he was locked down on Shin-Osaka, in Kyoto, to follow his family’s tradition. At twelve he saw Cassidy again, he had gone down to Cedric’s shop, The Owner, to put in an order. As a Retsu he thought that Cassidy would have already have begun studying under her mother. But no, she was visiting, and her father helped her with building something. She looked so happy, at peace. For the first time, he considered going against his family and live up to his dreams. Kira Takeda somehow caught wind of this. He black mailed Setsuna to bring him information about the Yamato-ke and the military, in exchange for not telling his father these dreams.

Setsuna refused, believing that Kira was just bluffing… Afterall, Kira was a friend of the Yamato-ke. Kira did not tell Genryusai… However, since Setsuna was now a loose end, someone who knew that he wanted the information, he had to be dealt with. People came after Setsuna. They ambushed him as he was on his way home. They chased him to a spaceport. But they had covered the exists, his only chance to escape by ship.

Many years passed, and Setsuna worked as a mercenary where ever he could. After a job on X-planet, a hooded figure approached him. Said that “the Mechanic has left the Capital… She carries vital information regarding a certain lion,” turned and left. Setsuna tried to chase him down, but the figure was gone. He pondered these words, and finally realised… The crest of the Takeda-ke is a lion. He left to search for The Mechanic.

Setsuna Yamato

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