Cass' Log

The new Captain

Apparently a buyer for the Shaa has appeared. I hear his name is Takashi Yotsubishi… Yotsubishi, I recognise that name. I believe some of the equipment on Shin-Osaka bore that name… And some of the parts we imported as well. I just he is a more trustworthy captain.

Thanks to captain Joseph, now, I was able to get into the meeting between mr. Chang and this new captain of the Shaa. I was escorted to the extravagant room of the filthy rich mr. Chang. As I saw Takashi my first thought was that he looked like any businessman, completely untrustworthy. But, as I scanned him… I realised, he seemed different. There was something about him that seemed different. I explained everything that was wrong with Shaa, explaining that she will fly, it was just the old captain being cheap and not getting proper parts for repair. Takashi jumped on the chance to lower the price, but he never seemed desperate. After the meeting, he asked me for a private audience. He offered me the position as the mechanic, and even gave me a better pay than I previously had received. That cheap captain Joseph, apparently this new pay was also not something befitting my skill, Takashi explained, but it was what he offered at the moment. I happily accepted. A businessman who tells you that he is paying too little, but gives actual logical reasons? Wow, either this Takashi is as dumb as they come, or he truly is a trustworthy person. Hard to say, really. I made sure to the prep the ship for immediate departure. This proved a slightly argues task… Since the oil coupling blew, and without proper parts I had to repair the actual component… So instead of 3 hours, which I had anticipated, leaving an hour to at least remove the manure from the floor, I instead spent the last hour removing all the oils spills from the engine… No easy task, mind. But I fixed it, and it’ll fly just fine!… At least to Amaterasu…

Takashi is a proficient pilot, luckily, and only needed me to program the nav computer. It’s just a straight shoot to Amaterasu and with a gravitational slingshot window available, easier and faster still. It would take some time before arrived, even with the route being relatively fast, so I decided to clean the rest of the ship. During my time off her it appears no one else had bothered, so not even the oil or grease stains could be salvaged.. It all had to be jettisoned. To my surprise, I had not been cleaning for more than an hour or two, when Takashi joined me, de-jacketed, pulling up his shirt sleeves. We spent some time cleaning every nook and cranny of the ship… I confess, I was so shocked at the fact that he joined me, that I forgot my social skills, and barely spoke to him at all. We finished up the cleaning, so I went for a shower, and then went to rest until we reached the planet. As it turned out… My route took us through an asteroid field surrounding the planet. Which could have posed a problem, but Takashi proved his proficiency in being a pilot., and not even a scratch came upon Shaa.

The Amazonian Planet State

Shortly before landing we were contacted by Amaterasu, and was told to prepare for some rigorous screening. I had not been to many planets prior to this one, but this screening seemed excessive, Takashi agreed and questioned the process. As we landed we were scanned by a very impressive bio scanner… Their method of trying to find out who carries psychic feralness is not, however. The method consists of scanning for the y-chromosome, and if it is compatible with something they already have in record… Since we’re not from here, this resulted in Takashi being held up, while I was sent to gather information on his missing co-worker, or what he said she was. She seemed to be in danger, was all I really gathered from it, that was enough for me. The mechanic I went to speak to was an odd one, more businesswoman than mechanic, I’d say.I was able to glean enough that we had a direction and a name, north out to the wastes to a place called The Dog Cages, and Shin of the Kaitan. Shin would be likely to beat us up, and take all of our things, unless the mechanic came with us… Given that I had already paid her for this, frankly, kinda pitiful amount of information (a cardinal direction, and a name that would be likely to beat us and steal our things), I felt little reason to pay her again. She also mentioned that she would be very interested in what happened to the crew members we were looking for, and offered pay should be make them corpses… The very idea sickened me, but I ran it through my dear captain, to how he would react. Up until the whole making them corpses business, he seemed unfaced, but he reacted as if I had suggested something so out of the question that he was almost insulted. Good. He told me to fetch the supplies we needed for a trek through the wastelands, while he were to fix transportation. I removed my shirt, as the cover would be too warm with something underneath it… And I quickly realised that I would not be able to carry gear for the both of us, so I reluctantly put on the cover and everything, and carried Takashi’s gear into the blistering heat. In the meantime, he had gotten us a cab… A bloody cab… To take us to the outskirts, from where we would have to walk. I understand that it was our only choice, and I hope I hid my frustration about this, but Takashi seems very perceptive so I don’t know.

Either way, we got to the outskirts of Magatama, the city, and ran into the Kaitan’s. The man we spoke was named Ken, and not Shin. Apparently, Shin had been injured. Stabbed by a rusty metal object. Depending on how long ago it was, I would most likely be able to save him. I was about to suggest it, when Takashi, to my delight, brought my medical expertise up, and suggested it himself. I was lead inside to see him… The place smelled of death. But he was pretty far from death. The condition may not be ideal, but I had treated similar wounds in Shin-Osaka… Granted, they were not as putrid, so a bit of improvisation was needed. But as a doctor, improvisation is essential, my mother had taught me. I was able to stabilise him, the rest was up to him. Ken thanked us for this, and gave us the information we needed. And we decided to trek into the wastelands…

The Wastes

I took point. Using the rocks, and the fence to help me navigate. Takashi was walking some meters behind, to keep an eye out. the wind made it difficult to communicate. We almost reached the rocks, when I saw something move. I attempted to circle around it, figuring that it would be best to not engage in any combat that could be avoided. That said, as we were getting away from the rock, something charged towards us. I made Takashi aware of it, and shoot at it. He missed, and it kept charging. I raised my gun, and mouthed I hope it’s not human, the laser gun shot the thing, which fell. Takashi went up to it and shot it again. It was a dog. Sometime after that we reached the dog cages. Takashi surveyed the area to figure out where to go from here. I dug up some bones, that seemed to have some kind of regeneration. Either biopsionics, or some kind of drug. Either way, it may prove useful to investigate. We figured out where to go, and left the cages.

I found a light up a head, which turned out to be glow bugs. They were dying out though, several of them spaced out to lead the way back for Solomon’s crew. We recharged some of them, using our spare batteries. Takashi seemed to think these were the kind to last for 48 hours. As we got halfway through them, I could barely walk. My legs were hurting, my entire body was covered in sweat. Takashi lifted me, and put his arm around me. As strong as he acts, I could tell as I got closer to him, his heartrate was also elevated, he too was pushing himself. Even so, we managed to make it up to the compound. Outside was a dog’s corpse, cut into and eaten… Blood dripping inside. Inside what we found was a bunch of debris that had been moved, a moment’s respite. The blood trail was leading further inwards.

We had not rested for more than a quarter of an hour, or so, before we heard muffled laser blasts. We quickly went to investigate. We followed the blood trail. The creature, most likely a feral, had gone over glass and cut his feet pretty badly… But he can regenerate, the blood trail stopped suddenly. There was a door not far from where the trail ended. We entered the door, which lead a morgue. Looking around I noticed a few things that be of useful later. Takashi went up to the door on the otherside. He tried to open it, but it was locked. He suddenly froze… And said shouted something, I was too surprised at this to register what it was. I heard a woman’s voice in response, Takashi back up from the door. A shoot destroyed the lock, and a woman kicked the door open. Given Takashi’s reaction I quickly understood this to be Hoshiko. Short introductions were made, and she took us to her companions, McMurdo. His breather had been damaged. I could not repair it, not here… Not this kind of tech, without help I asked Takashi. He seemed as sure of himself as he does about anything. So I removed the mask from him, and crudely put on my mask on McMurdo. And gave his mask to Takashi. We realised that the creature was in the vents. I gave the patient a blood thinner, to help his blood take in oxygen more efficient. After this, we stood guard. It was quiet. Takashi finished. And gave my his breather, while wearing the repaired one… Builder’s pride, I can understand that. Solomon had apparently been the one who was attacked, and had most likely retreated to a room that could be locked. We went there, and indeed… Solomon was bleeding in an airtight room. The mechanism used to jolt the mechanism to open the door was likely not going to useful, unless I very lucky in my implementation. So I decided to reverse engineer the process with one of my own powercells. The others stood guard. But before anyone could react the beast leapt from the vent straight on top of me, sticking the knife into my back. The pain. I don’t know how I managed to think clearly enough to give myself an adrenaline shot in order to search through the pills, and find the dosage that counteracts infection and helps to clot the blood. Before I was finished, the beast was dead… Even with my quick thinking, however, without Hoshiko’s medical expertise… It is fair to say that I would have died. The stab had punctured my kidney, without proper medical attention, I would not be able to do much anytime soon. I was asked about Solomon… If he orders me to open the door, I will. But in saying that, I gambled that he would not order me. He looked at Hoshiko, who only said that if we did that, I may bleed out and die before getting treatment. So Takashi’s order was to leave him.
Since I could barely move, getting me through the wastelands was a no-go. So Takashi and Hoshiko went back through the wastelands, leaving me with the patient… Well, I was more of a patient now, I suppose. I had to relieve myself while we waited. At which point I realised that there was blood mixed in with my urine… Not that surprising after being stabbed in the kidney, but worrying none the less. And while it didn’t seem like I would bleed through my bandages, but I was falling asleep. Apparently I said something like It’s getting darker.. As I just recall flinching and thinking It’s not getting darker, you idiot! You’re falling unconscious!. I have to hand it to McMurdo, he seemed to keep his calm and kept me talking. I don’t even remember anything I said to him, but kept talking, because that was the right thing to do. Bless his soul, as soon as they returned he freaked out yelling to Hoshiko that I was urinating blood and falling unconscious. We both concluded that I was doing fine for someone who had been stabbed in kidney. We went to back to the door, and I finished the process of opening it. Solomon was carrying information about this place, and star charts. I was carried back to the ship by McMurdo, and went on investigating the data. Using the ship sensors and com to assist the three with taking the valuable things. And we managed to leave before the Magatama authorities arrived.

We landed back in the spaceport, and we were told to speak to the Shirekan, and medical attention was issued for me, but the nurses said that the Shirekan might heal me, so I went with Takashi to meet her. It was a mostly a business meeting, and I kept a straight face, even though I didn’t really follow the business talk. I did gather that they knew about the history we found out, and that they didn’t want the public to know. We were able to sell most of the things we found. And the Shirekan agreed to heal me. Which was an odd sensation. It felt like she took control of my very cells, and infused them to produce new cells… Very strange indeed. That said, very effective. The wound was all but gone. We retreated to the ship, and while in the hanger I went to see Matsumoto. I gave her the information she wanted. She asked me if I had anything to do with it… Even though my situation was what it was, I still felt a bit guilty, maybe I could have saved him? Even so, I told her that I wasn’t directly involved. I bargained to get a piece of the ship’s medical bay, and ended up getting the medical computer. To get past the guards, I needed to give them the credits she gave back to me.

After I returned onboard we spent some time discussing where we were going next, before we set off. Well in the air I assisted Takashi in repairing a pre-tech bioscanner we found, which would come in handy. Afterwhich, myself and Hoshiko started to assemble what may one day become a medbay, with all the parts we found. As soon as we had gotten far enough away from the gravitational pulls I plotted the course, and we set off towards Shamballa…

McMurdo’s antics

Crewmembers who mess around with each other, who attempt dares in front of the captain while giving a report, or otherwise, is pretty common place, as I understand, on spaceships. However, previously I was on the observing part of the spectrum. The others were good friends, and I came in as the newbie, as the old mechanic was simply too old. It seemed like a lot of fun… Well, until I was in the middle of it. I will retell everything that McMurdo and I did during our FTL travels towards Shamballa. I will however share the one that started it all…
I was checking out the engine as one is vaunt to do while entering FTL, since you don’t use the regular engine it becomes a very good time to give it a rundown while in space. I had of course checked it when we took off from Amaterasu, but this was a good opportunity to give a proper thorough check-up. If nothing else, it would give me a good indication what we need to make it… Well, less prone to needing constant repair. This is partly how I spend my time during FTL travel. That said, having been part of the spacer world for some time, I have developed other habits. Like Space Pokemon, something one of my previous crewmembers told me about. It sounded so lame, but I gave it a go, and… Well, I’ve 1476 out of 1700, so there! Anyway, most spacers have some way of dealing with the massive downtime that happens. Exercise is very common, but you need something beyond that as well. I don’t know about the captain, but Hoshiko went into a routine right away, clearly used to space travel. McMurdo on the other hand seemed bored out of mind only some hours in. I felt compelled to thank him for what he did on the planet for me anyway, so I went started to socialise with him. Apparently, the people he used to serve with tended to gamble about stupid shit, as he called it. So I started playing cards with him… And apparently I have a terrible poke face, what ever that is. Either way, I lost all the time. Meaning I had to a lot of stupid dares. Starting with putting ice down my pants, and giving a report to the captain. It was very uncomfortable… And probably not very healthy. And also quite mortifying… I barely know the captain, and to, well… I don’t want to talk about it!
Aside from these dumb antics, I helped Hoshiko make a gym and we worked on what will one day become a medical bay. She usually wears a near skintight one-piece suit, but while working out of course she wore better clothes for sweating in. And compared to me… She’s a hulk! W-ever a hulk is. I do try, but I have no aptitude for it. I eat more than most people, and I try to work out… But you could never tell, looking my body. She made the comparison as well. I am a bit sensitive about my size, but I try not to let it bother me too much.
After many days of doing dumb things with McMurdo, working on system for the ship, working out in the new gym, and trying to get that blasted Menahydraphon pokemon, we finally arrived in the Shamballa system.

The Bureaucratic Utopia

As approach Shamballa we receive several messages, some useful, most are just commercials. This work very differently on Shamballa, we can just bring credits to the planet willy-nilly, we have to get a card that we charge with credits as we enter. The cards also work as our only functioning way of identifying us. Which means, that losing it would be very bad. Our first stop was in some kind of pub, where Takashi would meet his contact. Our transportation was a pristine-white car, with no wheel. Not that I can drive, but I assume someone can. But no, no driving… A friggen AI runs the car.. How cool is that? Everyone else seems to uninterested in this. Ignoring them, it must be heavily breaked, as Takashi suggests, in order to be allowed to exist, at all, sort of. We arrived in establishment the doubles as a brothel and a pub. The employees were naked with tattoos. McMurdo seemed to be in more of his element, and quickly disappeared into the place. Takashi, and Hoshiko, went to meet with Leslie, the contact, and I was left perouse the place. I promptly say myself down and had a drink! Of course, as Hoshiko correctly pointed during our FTL, I am tiny and thus cannot take a lot of alcohol. That said, I do like the taste of it, so I ordered a drink with as little alcohol in it as possible. While doing this, I also conversed with the bartender. She seemed really nice. She did seem misunderstand something, so I asked if she wasn’t just a bartender. She was wearing an apron, and as she turned around it was clear that that was all she was wearing. Now I tend to enjoy new experiences… Not sure what I felt about a woman showing me her naked buttocks, to be fair. Anyway, I got some breakfast and we chatted on. Until a police appeared. Jimmy, as his name was, seemed to know the bartender, but he was there on official business. Something about drugs being shipped from off world. Jimmy came to speak to me, and I asked him to join me for some breakfast. We hit it off quite well, actually. He was a very nice man. I was able to smooth out the edges, so that he would not be suspicious of my captain. Well, that was my original intention, though we spoke a bit more than I had anticipated. Either way, my captain returned after some time, and I introduced him to Jimmy. Jimmy warned Takashi about the drugs shipment, and that if we found anything out, we should just contact him. As I had his phone number already, that wasn’t an issue. We left to meet a contact for the Verdandi. I wasn’t aware that there was a Verdandi enclave on this planet, but apparently there is one. And we giving them the medical supplies, in exchange for payment on Yggdrasil. The contact stayed at a hotel that attempted to simulate nature as best as it could. While not perfect, it was not bad at it. I had breakfast again, while Takashi spoke business with this miss Hunt. We were to load the things she had already received, as well as grav-car, and head towards the settlement. The settlement seemed to pretty far out into the ocean. The terms were set, and we returned to the ship. McMurdo was… otherwise occupied, and stayed at the brothel. We waited for miss Hunt to join us, strapped everything down for aerial flight, and set course for the Verdandi settlement.

The Civil War

What we arrived to was an inferno. The forest burnt. We prepared firefighting gear. Takashi took the ship, filled it with water and dumped it over the fire in the forest. We learnt that the leader was dead, Astrid had been chosen as the new leader, but the son of the previous leader did not agree. A psychic was apparently confusing him. We provided the medical supplies, and I began to assist with treating the ill. I had brought my bio-scanner, as it would be useful to treat the elderly. Since too much would prove fatal, and too little would not be effective enough. While there is always a risk, it was only one of them whose risk was above 0.5%. Given the advanced age, as well as the severity of the symptoms, even without a bio-scanner I was almost certain that even the lowest, still useful, dosage would still be more than likely fatal. I brought out my bio-scanner, and reacted as if I had put a knife to his throat. I quickly learnt that I may as well have… Or well, not to his throat, but to his children, and possibly even more. I offered to allow their medic to purge the data I would collect, which won some over, but the old man that I desperately needed it for, refused. Thor spoke to him, however, Thor himself was not convinced. He told me to give the old man the dose… I told him that it would kill him, but he knew… Even if I spread the dosage out, without the correct data, either the illness or the medicine would kill him. My heart was pounding, and I was getting angry… But, this was their culture, as retardedly dumb as it was. I gave him the dose, and prepared a morphine shot. As soon as he started convulging, I shot him so full of morphine that his system simply shut down. I closed his eyes, and said There… and went on the next patient. A few others refused bio-scanner out of the ones that needed it, and refused to treat them, giving the shot to Thor to administer. After we finished treating everyone, I stepped out. Hoshiko followed me. Before I even noticed that she was there, I punched the wall and cursed as loudly as I could in Japanese. The rain had stopped, so the tears in my face was unmistakable. Hoshiko tried to console me. But in my mind, I had already failed as a doctor… I may never have taken the oath, or anything… But, I knowingly gave a patient medicine that I knew would kill him. Some would argue that this was better, instead of suffering through the illness and a maybe recovery, he simply died peacefully and quickly. Both within the realms of reason as well as their culture… But these thoughts did make it hurt any less.

Sometime passed, and we re-entered. Takashi asked me how I was doing. I told him what happened. And he attempted to console me as well, though he does not seem to be as used to it as Hoshiko, I still appreciated the gesture. We were to assist them in this civil war. So we set up to stay here, to make final preparations. Set our ship to automatically fake there being people there, and sending it out a bit to the shallow water, should anyone come near it.

The Slaughter

We woke up at the crack of dawn, as the cracks were allowing the dawn to seep in. It reminded me of my window back on Shin-Osaka… My mother told me to put the blinders down, as that would help me sleep. But I liked being woken up by the lights shimmering in from the outside. So for a second I dreamed myself back to my room in my childhood… Until I caught a whiff of manure… Which definitely didn’t exist back there. Myself, Takashi, and Hoshiko got up, and prepared breakfast. Just as we finished breakfast Heimer interrupted us, and called us out. We went back to the ship with, what can only be described as, a retinue of verdandi militia. We went through some more details of the plan, and set things up for battle. Then we headed off. I anxious and excited at the same time. I did not look forward to battle, but I couldn’t help but be fascinated by it, at the same time. The ship took off, and crashed down into the settlement. The militia stormed out, elders in front and younglings in the back. I remained in the cargo hold, in order to hold them from entering it. All of sudden something scares the living shit out of me… The compad buzzed, and Takashi’s voice rang out of it. It was like taken straight out of a commercial. Somehow, it calmed me down. And before I had to do anything, Takashi joined me. Not long after one of the enemy took aim towards us. Before he could shoot, I gave off a laser shot towards him. It singed his shoulder. He did seem deterred. He returned fire, but seemed to be aiming widely. I shot him again, this time it looked like it hurt. In the mean time, one of the primary targets had appeared before us, the psychic. Takashi shot her, but she was about to throw a grenade… Which gave me a flash of Heimer mentioning that he would not wear the grenades on his body, given the danger. So I shot the grenade in her hand… Which exploded much of her upper body, along with her entire head. Had I not been a doctor, I may just have vomited… Not to say that I was not close to vomiting out of sheer shock and adrenaline. I stammered the call that the psychic was dead into the compad. Right after I hear Hoshiko mention that the other primary target had been taken out. We get the all-clear, the battle was over… Takashi tells me to go rest, so I head to the common room. I brew a big pot of coffee… But end up only drinking water. My medical training kicked in, saying that in my current state I should probably not drink coffee. After calming down, and the shaking from the adrenaline rush left me, Takashi comes to see me. He asked how I was… Surprisingly well, I should say, after my first live fire fight… Unless you count getting stabbed in the back. Either way, Takashi gives me words of encouragement, and I head out to assist the wounded. I start with those who were wounded on our side, and then move on to the wounded on our enemies side. We return to Astrid and the others. They thank us, and as it ends up, we get first pick of the ‘spoils’. And with Astrid’s suggestion, we take the weapons. They can be sold for a pretty penny. We make our farewells, and head back into the ship.

An old Acquaintance

On the way back to Shamballa, I find myself not wanting to think about what just happened. So I immerse myself in repairing what I can while we’re in the air, and when that rather simple task if over with, I turn to spacebook. I send a message to Jimmy asking if he’s available. In retrospect, I think part of me just wanted to hear his voice. I am not that close to him, but he makes me feel as if I’m a good person, and I needed that. But, as he answered I quickly thought of a reason for the call. I remembered that there was mention of another Shin-Osaka person on Shamballa. He gave me a name, Takeda Yoko, and a place. Yoko… I remember her. She is a Takeda, but I should still see her. We weren’t close, but I always enjoyed my time with her. And Jimmy wanted to take me to the amusement park. I had read about those, and it sounds like a really good time! I must take him up on that, next time I am in the area. I contact Yoko. She replies much later, she may have been busy. We set up a meeting.

We land on the spaceport, and I get to checking up on the outside, making sure there are no leaks.Hoshiko approached me while I was checking the hull. She talks to me about the battle, and gives me some tips about how to deal with her. I am grateful to have ended up with people who seem to care so much about the people around them. She also tells me that she will participate in some fighting video-thing. Sounds gruesome, I thought… But as long as she doesn’t get herself killed, I guess she can do whatever she wants. Then I get ready for my meeting with Yoko. As I lay eyes on her I smile, she had not changed a bit… Except for the fact that she looks like she’s seen a ghost. It turned out to be less of a social meeting, and more of a meeting for exchanging of information. She is still loyal to Kira, so I cannot show her my evidence, not now. But I tell her of what I know… And she knew Kira was a psychic… Apparently, all the Takeda do. What’s more, apparently my father is still alive. And he ‘faked’ his death, in order to get away, and to take down the government? It all sounded… Too convenient. Exactly the story that would bring me back to Shin-Osaka, where he could control me. Call me paranoid, but my experience with Kira is that one should never trust anything he says, and trust in that everything he does is further his own agenda. And Setsuna, my old babysitter, was on the run… All that was going through my head about him, was What did Kira do, to make him run?. I knew that I could never convince Yoko to betray her family, even if she was asking me to betray my father. But I implored her to investigate what I say, to make sure that Kira has truly told my mother that I live, and to check what happened to Kira’s psychic trainer. Not exactly stellar evidence, should she find something bad… But, I can’t very well ask her to investigate whether or not my father actually faked his death, or if it was set up by the mobsters who follow Kira… That would be too dangerous. If Kira found out, he would not hesitate to kill her. I finish my extra-large bowl of ramen, and take my leave.

The Disaster Aboard the Snake

My thoughts were scattered. I went to a pub close to the spaceport, and met up with McMurdo. I caught Hoshiko’s final match on the screen. She was up against a beast of a woman. She must be jacked up on all kinds of stuff. She was wielding a staff with electrical prods on either side. The strength of that electricity could not be legal. One hit and Hoshiko was ready to give up. But she did not, she managed to get around her, and toss her off the bridge-like platform. But she just sat at the goal, unmoving. I hurried back to the ship, and prepared to treat severe electrical burns. She arrived in a vehicle, I helped back aboard the ship alongside Takashi. I treated her as best as I could. I was relieved. Had she been hit just a tick to the left, her heart may have been shocked. She’ll make it, she just needs a bit of rest.
Takashi managed to get a ride with one of the big Zodiac ships. I had always wanted to see one of those! I was quite beside myself. Before I could go and explore the ship I had to wait for the mechanic that would come and make sure that the Shah wouldn’t cause the ship to blow up. His name was Bumpy, because of his deformed body. Cancer he said… I common occurrence for spaceship mechanics, I hear. I rarely saw it myself on Shin-Osaka, but engines do give off radiation that’ll kill you unless shielded properly. He told me of the Snake’s engine, and explained how I could see it. I was so excited that I didn’t think about how bad a plan it would be, so I went along with it. I was to meet him in a locker room sometime later. While I was waiting, I went to check on Hoshiko. She seemed worried, but I told her she would be fine. But to be safe, we concluded that she should seek the medical bay of the Snake, as they would be better equipped to see should anything be wrong.
I met up with Bumpy in the designated locker room. I pulled a worker dress over my clothes, and went in. Bumpy was called off to check on something, so I wandered about. I went up to one of the workers, and somehow got roped into doing some crazy athletic tying of cables. It wasn’t too difficult. As I got down, I noticed Hoshiko on the screen, she was talking about Katyusha Fontaine, her opponent from earlier. She talked about how she used illegal weaponry. The worker spoke up about it, so I replied that it was true. I mean, I had treated Hoshiko, burns like that doesn’t happen from weapons that would be legal in Murderbrawl, even if the name tells a different story. The worker seemed to get very nervous of this notion, and called over the foreman. The foreman questioned me, and Bumpy came to bail me out, but seemed to end up making things worse for the both of us. I got taken off to the brig. After what seemed like a very long wait a suited man showed up. It seemed like he would be the one to question me. A scan I could agree with, but he wanted to inject me several drugs that would leave me useless for several days, perhaps longer. I couldn’t agree with that without Takashi. So he held off with the drugs, but took me to a room where I had strip down to my pelt, and get into a scanner. I was poked and prodded, it was humiliating. I was given a patient’s gown, and then Takashi appeared… As if things was not bad enough. He was asked to give his consent to the drugs. I was put under, as the psychic got to work interrogating me. It was concluded that I was not a threat, that my reasoning for being in the engine room was simply out of a genuine interest. I was out of it for the rest of the stay on the ship. I hear Bumpy lost his job.

The Drunken Fiasco

We detached from the Snake, and went towards the planet. We landed on a spaceport near where Jon Haraldsson lived. As we exited the ship, we were greeted by Gun, the leader of the spaceport, as well as her crew. One of them was, what can only be described as, a giant. His name was Max, and he was resident mechanic. We were told of where to find Jon, and Gun even lent us a pair of bikes… Well, it would have been three speed bikes. But as I’m a menace behind the controls of anything, two was a better choice. Max, while seemingly retarded, seemed to be quite adept at mechanics… At least from what little I saw. Either way, I got up behind Hoshiko, and we took off. The bikes were pretty fast, so it did not take long before we closed in on a big ship-like-structure, floating over some cattle. The ship approached us, and landed. Jon Haraldsson came out. Takashi introduced us, and told him of what happened in Skallegrim. We were shown inside. It was a tiny place. Even I barely fit. We were given our reward, and was asked to assist them with catching some cattle thieves. We accepted, even though the plan was perhaps not the best.
Instead of returning to our ship, we decided to visit Thor’s friends, Kolle Hokonson and Ada Hokonsdottir. Their house, or fortress which ever you prefer, was on the way. Someone else opened the door, however. Her name was Gretha, she seemed to be the housekeeper. She took us in, and offered us food. While we waited for the food, Kolle joined us. He was hungover, and was not wearing trousers… In fact, he wasn’t wearing anything except for a shirt. Something he promptly forgot about as he sat down, all wide legged. We spoke for a bit, until he was told to take his medicine, which made him fall asleep.He was taken up to his room by the butler. We were served grilled boar and potatoes. It was marvelous! I love food, and I’m a big eater. But I’ve never quite learnt how to make food myself, I can make basic things, as anyone should, but that’s as far as it goes. Before long, Ada joined us. She seemed quite different from the verdandi we had met so far. She kind of seemed like Takashi, should he be a verdandi, come to think of it.
After we had eaten they offered us to sleep in the guest quarters. Takashi opted to take a room of his own. They were being renovated, so they were not 100% finished. Myself and Hoshiko was shown to the guest room, and was settled in. The closet was very big! Hoshiko jokingly pointed out that the only clothes that would fit me was the children’s clothing. I wanted to argue this, but I couldn’t, as it turned out to be true. There was also a jacuzzi, which we started up and went into right away. I for one was feeling very unclean, so this was a nice change of pace. Not long after, Gretha returned, with nuts and mead. I later learnt that mead is pretty strong, but the sweet taste of the honey does a good job of masking it. So I drank much more than I should have. What happened after is a bit hazy for me… I remember getting out, getting into some warmer clothes. Getting tossed over a fire, and then getting on one of the bikes with Kolle. We went off towards the glaciers. Hoshiko came with us, but got lost after a jump. I tried to tell Kolle to stop, and go back for her, but he refused. He supercharged the bike. He crossed the wires, and the anti-grav was shut off, mid jump no less. I was sure that I was going to die. but somehow my reactions kicked in, and jumped off. I was angry with Kolle, but realized that yelling at him would not help. So I started fixing the anti-grav on the bike, to make it easier to haul back. It would be impossible without tools. Kolle offered his nanites to help, it was time consuming, but it worked. As I finished, Takashi and Hoshiko arrived on the other bike. We would have to tow the broken bike regardless, but Kolle thought this was unacceptable, the little prick! So he called for Ada to bring a ship to fly us back. The butler arrived with the ship, and we hauled the broken bike onto the ship, along with the less-broken bike, and the rest of us. We returned to the house, slash fortress.

Cass' Log

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