Character Creation

For an example character sheet, check out the sample character Kejal Chattopadhay.

You’ll find the Character Creation Rules on page 9 of the Free Edition corebook. The following changes are enacted in this game, however:

1. Attributes are done on a point-buy system using this point buy calculator. You may lower Attributes below 7 as well; doing so returns 1 point per point below 7 (to prevent minmaxing by dumping stats for a big reward). You have 10 points to distribute. Note: Since SWN’s system is different from Pathfinder, this is less scant than you might think. Lowering a stat has very little downside, so three stats at 14 is entirely possible. An 18 will however only be possible for highly specialized characters. Also bear in mind that changes between 8 and 13 are encouraged to flesh out your character – mechanically 13 Wisdom is little different from 10 Wisdom, but it still says something about your character if they’re Wis 12, Int 8 rather than 10 in both.

2. If playing in a small group, you get the “adventurer” Background Package for free, on top of your normal Background Package and Skill Package. This gives a bit more flexibility and a few more Skills to play with.

3. The Expert class is changed to have the same level progression as the other two classes, because I hate different level progressions. To compensate for this drawback, Experts gain 1 more skill point on each level-up (but no more starting skill points, so it has no impact on starting characters – just useful to know for planning ahead).

4. A list of homeworlds is available on the Kirin Sector – Planets page. You may also make up your own homeworld if you wish.

5. Characters begin with maximum hit points on level 1.

6. You begin play with 750 credits. Do not roll for starting money.

Character Creation

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