Friends and Foes of the Iskandar Shah


Cesar Cheng, Zodiac Alliance businessman. Mr. Cheng is the previous owner of the Iskandar Shah. He has a fascination for rare and exotic lifeforms, and keeps many pets – some of which are doubtless illegal. He’s well-connected and knows of some ways for the new owners to pay him back. Based on Heaven’s Gate.

Eddie Niccals, space trucker and Yotsubishi employee. Helped ship Takashi to safety, and has an ear to the ground concerning Yotsubishi movements.

Solomon Harford, former employer of Hoshiko Kaito. Deceased; died in an air-tight room on Amaterasu while hiding from a Feral. His ship is currently in the possession of the Shirei-kan of the Magatama Port Authority.

“Bumpy” Hannon, cancer-riddled irradiated engineer and mechanic on the Zodiac capital ship “The Snake”, until he was fired for letting Cassidy into the engine room.

Captain Shetou, captain of the Snake.

Planet Shamballa

Archibald McMurdo, mercenary. Formerly a member of God’s Army, the colonial missionary force of the Prosperity Doctrine. Personality: ‘The exact target audience of Jackass’.

Leslie Chang, paranoid administrator and bureaucrat. Balding and bespectacled. Knows most interesting transactions and business deals connected to the Exchange on Shamballa, making him a valuable asset.

Sigrid Hunt, stern middle-aged woman and convert to the Verdandi faith. Represents the splinter cell of technology-averse Verdandi living on the island of Skallagrim. Sigrid is their representative to the city, running shipments that the faithful natives wash their hands of.

Rachel, bartender and licensed sex worker in the Blue Phoenix in Guan Yin city on planet Shamballa.

James “Jimmy” Rand, policeman and servant of the Planetary Authority on Shamballa. Works in Guan Yin.

Astrid Liu, elected leader of the Verdandi colony on Skallagrim. Of Chinese descent, converted to Verdandi and was the lover of Skallagrim’s former leader, Trond Egilson. Formerly a secretary in a large conglomerate.

Thor Hamsun, Trond’s blood-brother and currently Astrid’s champion. A towering, but ageing man, with grey hair and runic tattoos.

Jormund Archer, medic, formerly a Shamballan doctor from Guan Yin. Neat-looking, growing out his hair to fit better among the natives.

Heimer, soldier under Thor’s command. Looks vaguely Mediterranean.

Jörg Trondson, Trond’s teenage son and would-be ruler of Skallagrim.

Amanda Langley, smuggler to remote planets. Seriously-dressed businesswoman with blue make-up. Very distrusting of everyone.

Katyusha Fontaine, wealthy, muscular hormone-pumped athlete who hates losing. Her opponents tend to disappear or suffer various injuries and humiliations. Hoshiko Kaito beat her in the Murderbrawl finals. Katyusha is known to work with several well-connected Shamballa families.


Sven Hårfagre, director and advertisement producer, as well as interstellar man of mystery. Kind of self-absorbed.

Grandma Gun, old woman in charge of the spaceport in Nidhögg on Yggdrasil.

Max, enormous mechanic who loves vehicles. Has suffered unknown brain damage and has difficulty speaking.

Jon Haraldsson, nephew of Trond Egilsson. Quiet, reclusive cattle herder who lives in a cramped space caravan. Cow magnate and surprisingly wealthy.

Gretha, formerly the housekeeper and Steward of Hakon Industries, currently babysitter of Hakon’s two children.

Kolle Hakonsson, deadbeat son of Hakon, wasting the family fortune on custom nanites, extreme sports, expensive booze and parties.

Ada Hakonsdottir, businesswoman heiress of Hakon Industries, focusing on innovation and restructuring to a more modern mining company. Currently oriented around ice mining on Yggdrasil’s south pole.

Friends and Foes of the Iskandar Shah

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