Iskandar Shah Maintenance Costs

Payroll: 2 crewmen, each paid 20 credits per day. Total monthly cost: 1 200 credits.

Refueling: 200 credits per jump. (Base cost: 100 credits, x2 for Frigate-Class ship, x1 for Drive-1)

Supply cost: Food, water, pressurized oxygen, and other misc. supplies (soap and whatnot) typically costs 20 credits per person per day. 3 persons on board. Total monthly cost: 1 800 credits.

Maintenance: 20 000 credits once per year, usually at the worst possible time as per the corebook.

Debt, as per deal with Cesar Cheng: 4 000 credits per month.

Current total monthly expenses: 7 000 credits (supplies + salaries + debt repayment). Can be reduced greatly by skimping on stocks and supplies, delaying salaries, etc.

Note that the ship still carries 141 units of supplies as of the return from Skallagrim, enough to last 3 people for over a month, so resupplying at this point is not necessary. Monthly costs thus drop to 5 200 credits.

Iskandar Shah Maintenance Costs

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