Kirin Sector - Planets

Check out the map to the left to see the most well-known planets and their trade relations to each other. Home planets are in black; other well-established planets in grey. Obscure or unknown worlds don’t appear – those you have to discover yourself.

Home Planets

The following planets are available as home planets. They are reasonably well known to humanity in the entire Kirin Sector, although of course news travels slowly even between advanced planets; spike drives make couriers far more effective than signals, which may take years or decades.

Shango – A bizarre jungle planet of scientists, home to the Kongamato Corporation.

Shamballa – A hypercorporate police state, heart of the Zodiac Alliance.

Daikoku – A zaibatsu-run Japanese-style state, torn between three major families.

Gilead – A Christian plutocratic planet, and planet of origin of the Prosperity Doctrine.

Yggdrasil – An icy world with thick cloud covers, full of “vikings” following Verdandi.

Madonna – A wretched hive of scum and villainy, this is the seat of The Sikarat mafia.

Tang Seng – A small, peaceful colony serving as a training facility for Zodiac Alliance psions.

Known Planets

The following planets are known throughout the Sector, though information about them is scant, often exaggerated, and varies from system to system. While potential home planets, maybe of them have unorthodox cultures and lower tech levels.

Amaterasu, a two-planet system supposedly home to matriachal “demons”.
Honshu, a tiny star with two frozen planets housing bizarre alien native life.
Sagara, an oceanic planet rumored to be a paradise, but forbidden to outsiders.
Rudra, a windswept planet plagued by freak storms and alien monsters.
Heaven’s Gate, a gas giant housing floating cities and rich hydrogen mining.
New Accra, home to advanced human refugees and aggressive primitive aliens.
Harbin, an industrial planet run by wealthy weapons manufacturers.
Vayu, once a flourishing system, now exploited by the Prosperity Doctrine.
Hän, the Harangi home planet.

Kirin Sector - Planets

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