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Kirin Sector

The Kirin Sector was settled chiefly by humans of Indian and Japanese descent, prior to the Scream. A few planets were claimed by Europeans, mainly a resurgent cult with interest in Norse mythology and traditions. During the Silence, a lot changed – the local factions with power were those tied to the Exchange or to old scientific treasure troves, and from these new dominant forces emerged. Few planets today are inhabited by the settlers of old – those who are, are scattered and disoriented.

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Misc Notes

Gilead Group (Nallenon & Nightflyer)

Friends and Foes of the Alaska
Session 1 Log: Kejal’s Diary Part One

Daikoku Group (Sydow & Novaline)

Clarification of Cassidy’s backstory

Iskandar Shah Time Tracker

Iskandar Shah Maintenance Costs

Friends and Foes of the Iskandar Shah
Session 1 Log: The Story of Iskandar Shah, Part One
Captain’s Log
Cass’ Log

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