The Alaska

The Alaska is an explorer ship, capable of (relatively) safely exploring unknown sectors of space. It’s hardy and built to last, but without many luxuries and amenities.

Class: Free Merchant
Cost 500k
Speed 3
Armor 2
HP 20
Crew Min/Max 1/6
AC 6
Power 10 (6 spent)
Free Mass 15 (7 spent)
Hardpoints 2 (0 used)


Drive-2 Upgrade (2 mass, 2 power) – The Alaska has an advanced spike drive capable of long-range interstellar travel.
Extended Stores (2 mass) – The Alaska can supply its max crew for an entire month in space, as opposed to the default 2 weeks.
Fuel Scoops (2 mass, 2 power) – The fuel scoops allow for refueling from gas giants or the penumbra of stars, though the process is slow and cumbersome, requiring 4 days.
Survey Sensor Array (1 mass, 2 power) – The Alaska has fine-tuned sensors allowing for remote surveying of unexplored planets.

In addition to these fittings, the Alaska also has six small private bunks, artificial gravity, and a basic first-aid station.

Weapons and Defenses


The Alaska

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