The Iskandar Shah

The Iskandar is a battered Persian free merchant ship. Built and designed for trading, it is designed to go from one nearby system to another and back, possibly bringing passengers along.

Class: Free Merchant
Cost 500k
Speed 3
Armor 2
HP 20
Crew Min/Max 1/6
AC 6
Power 10 (2 used)
Free Mass 15 (7 spent)
Hardpoints 2 (0 used)


Atmospheric Configuration (2 mass) – The Iskandar can be flown in atmo without penalty and can be used for more than just landing and takeoff.
Cargo Space (1 mass) – The Iskandar carries up to 20 tons of well-packed cargo.
Lifeboats – (1 mass) The Iskandar has a single escape pod, large enough to cram six people into.
Ship’s Locker (0 mass) – The ship comes equipped with a useful locker containing vac suits and other gear.
Extended Life Support (2 mass, 2 power) – In addition to the maximum six crewmen, the ship can support up to six passengers – for a total of 12 humans. The ship’s stores feed six people for two weeks, or twelve people for one week.
Fuel Bunker (1 mass) – The Iskandar carries one additional unit of fuel, enough to perform two drills without refueling.

In addition to these fittings, the Iskandar also has a basic nav computer, a Drive-1 spike drive, twelve small private bunks, artificial gravity, a basic first-aid station, and basic surveying sensors.

Weapons and Defenses


The Iskandar Shah

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