The Wakizashi

The Wakizashi is a ship fitted for combat, capable of defending itself and running dangerous missions within systems. It has a spike drive, but does not excel at interstellar travel.

Class: Free Merchant
Cost 500k
Speed 3
Armor 2
HP 20
Crew Min/Max 1/6
AC 6
Power 10 (9 spent)
Free Mass 15 (6 spent)
Hardpoints 2 (2 used)


Armory (0 mass, 0 power) – The Wakizashi has a well-stocked armory of personal arms.
Drop Pod (2 mass, 0 power) – The Wakizashi has a small landing pod, for stealth visits to hostile planets.
Extended Medbay (1 mass, 1 power) – The medbay aboard the Wakizashi is more advanced than most, and it’s capable of patching up severe injuries in the hands of a skilled doctor.
Fuel Bunkers (1 mass, 0 power) – The Wakizashi has enough fuel storage to make two spike drive trips without refueling.

In addition to these fittings, the Wakizashi also has six small private bunks, artificial gravity, basic scanners and stores.

Weapons and Defenses

Sandthrower (1 mass, 3 power) – A weapon that hurls shrapnel against enemy ships at high speeds, shredding enemy hulls
Multifocal Laser (1 mass, 5 power) – A basic laser weapon, piercing most armor.

The Wakizashi

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